About the Factory & Laboratory

 Our factory is located in Baghdad adjacent to ALRASIKH stores. The factory was designed to provide the local market with high quality products suitable for Iraqi environment in order to supply the increased demand on electrical panels for all applications.

In order to tackle the challenges of power generation in Iraq, multidisciplinary laboratories based on system integration are required. Our labs are a truly unique facility where testing on the system integration of new technologies and components in the power system will become reality.

Main Machines

Our company has two laboratories supplied with the most up to date equipment and machines to provide the most precise testing results:

  • Sharing Machines, Motor Plate Shear MSC 310/BV, Schechtl Germany
  • Motor Bending Machine MAE 310/CNC STouch /Schechtl Germany
  • Busbar Bending and cutting Machines 601 Numsung / Korea
  • Busbar Bending and cutting Machines 606 Numsung / Korea
  • Busbar Bending and cutting Machines CNC Busbar Production/EHRT/Kahrl& Wiemann GmbH
  • Bending Machines Nova press BGD5
  • Laser solutions for engraving, cutting & marking Gravograph / France
  • Laser solutions for engraving and marking Tachifor / France
  • Engraving CNC Machine 1624 Pro / Vision /USA
  • And others machines for welding stud welding
  • Machines of wood Packing

Test Equipment

We have many special test equipment suitable for making the required tests for all the projects that have been performed by our on high trained and experienced staff or other contracting companies:

  • Capacitive and inductive loads / Langlosis / France
  • Inductive loads / Langlosis / France
  • Resistive loads / Langlosis / France
  • Variable resistors load three phases and single phases Langlosis/France
  • Variable power three phases / Langlosis / France
  • Multi_tap high power, power supply for wide ranges of voltages and current / Langlois / France
  • Current injectors’ high power high current 6000A, ISA/ Italy
  • Three phase current injectors 13000A / Programma /Megger/ Sweden
  • Secondary current injector / Megger
  • Sets of Fulke multi- avometers , clamp meters …etc.


Our tools are supplied by:

  • BETA
  • BUSH
  • Erula
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